Arcanum Follow-Up – Sphere 1 Challenge 20

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Previously, I provided some background on my learnings in The Arcanum ahead my final Sphere 1 image critique in Challenge 20.  Here are my final five (5) images for you the “Viewer”.

Thanks to my cohort members who provided which five (5) images held their interest and “Told a Story” and held their attention as “The Viewer”.  More importantly right up to the last minute they shared what if anything bothered them in the image which I’ve attempted to correct.

My Critique is set for 5/24 then on to Sphere 2.

Image 1

Arcanum S1-C20-1

Image 2

Arcanum S1-C20-2

Images 3

Arcanum S1-C20-3

Images 4

Arcanum S1-C20-4

Images 5

Arcanum S1-C20-5

PS  Interesting that my initial focus was on portraits yet I only present just one (1) today.  Secondly, four (4) of five (5) images are Infrared Photography from my Nikon D300S converted camera at 720nm.  Maybe this is an indication of transiting to some level of a visual artist.

Reaching The End of Sphere 1 – What?

Dear Viewers,

I have been in “The Arcanum” since August 2015 as an eager Apprentice in Les Saucier‘s Cohort.  Les is a fine Master teaching us how to visualize the final image first in camera and through the image processing workflow.

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Although the Cohort specializes in Landscape Photography, we cover Macro, Infrared, Gear, Software Processing… you name it.

I’ve learned a lot, a lot and feel I’ve notched it up in the images I present to you.  Of course, my bus doesn’t stop here given I have so much more to learn and experience.

During “Image Critiques”, Les wears two hats seamlessly:

One hat he wears is that of the “Viewer” to state
  • what he sees.
  • what holds his attention.
  • what's the perceived subject.
  • where his eye goes.
  • what may be distracting him from the subject and why?
A second hat he wears is one of a “Teacher
  • On what he would do differently in holding the viewer's attention, i.e. add to it or take it away.
As Visual Artists, we use our cameras, skills and craft to emphasis what we want the viewer to see and in the end be entertained.

In our Cohort, there are many talented photographers where we share and learn together via on-line Cohort Hangouts courtesy of Google+.  Take a look at their amazing images.

Mary Presson Roberts     Douglas Sandquist

Richard Barrow     Ron Santini

The initial foundation is Sphere 0 with ten challenges (C1-10) followed by another 10 challenges in Sphere 1 (C11-20).   I’m now nearing the end.

For Sphere 1 - Challenge 19, I present to you ten (10) images from which I need to whittle down to the final five (5) images which Les will formally critique in Sphere 1 - Challenge 20.

Critiques in The Arcanum are a painless event – no worries mate.

Really – painless?

  • If you did something not quite correct – you learn.
  • If you did something correct but could do it better – you learn.
  • If you’re way off, you’ll be pulled back in – you learn.

In the end it’s all about learning to level-up your skills, techniques with a personal artistic expression.

Here are my ten (10) images which I’d like you the viewer to tell me which ones hold your attention and tell you a story in the comments.  Feedback is a gift so thank you.

Image 1

Arcanum S1-C19-1

Image 2

Arcanum S1-C19-2

Image 3

Arcanum S1-C19-3

Image 4

Arcanum S1-C19-4

Image 5

Arcanum S1-C19-5

Image 6

Arcanum S1-C19-6

Image 7

Arcanum S1-C19-7

Image 8

Arcanum S1-C19-8

Image 9

Arcanum S1-C19-9

Image 10

Arcanum S1-C19-10

If all goes well, I move on to Sphere 2 in the Arcanum with a new Master and Cohort taking me to the next level.


Everyday People

Another enjoyable Sunday morning photowalk today at 6am in north Chennai.  As usual I continue to expand my portfolio of “Faces of Chennai”.  Thank you.


“Faces of Chennai” @ The Kasimedu Fish Market

The Featured Image above is a creation using Topaz Impression in the look of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting.

Our Photographic Society of Madras photowalk at Chennai’s Kasimedu Fish Market allowed the opportunity to continue capturing the friendly Faces of Chennai.

Please have a look at the gallery in slideshow and let me know what you think, i.e. Like and/or Comment.  If you’re a new Viewer to Dashan Sheying, please click “Follow” to keep up with my frequent photoblog posts.

Faces of Koyembedu Market

My 2 year genre of “Faces of Chennai” continues at the Koyembedu Market.  The Photographic Society of Madras (PSM) founded in 1857 had its monthly photowalk at this government run wholesale flower, vegetable and fruit market. The market is continuously busy.  Previously I visited at a 6am photowalk and found the market very busy with continuous movement of goods and retailer/wholesaler price negotiations.  This time at 4pm, it still a very active in the wholesaler stalls.

Koyembedu Market is full of wonderful colors, friendly people and great prices over the retailers.  Pay a visit.

DaShanSheYing-1071 DaShanSheYing-1062 DaShanSheYing-1070 DaShanSheYing-1061DaShanSheYing-1064


…Seamstress for the Band – EJ

“Faces of Chennai” 

It’s my pleasure and honor to have such photographer-friendly everyday people in Chennai for my Street Portraits.  Can’t think of another country where smiles are so easy to come by.  நன்றி Chennai


I’m still trying this Peter Hurley like-headshot with the top 1/3 of the hairline cutoff – thoughts?  Let me know if it works for you the “Viewer”.


Colors and Face(s) of Chennai


Capturing and documenting street portraits in Chennai is a privilege that few share.

Thank you to the many Faces of Chennai which I’ve captured over the last two years.

Good News – Still plenty of Faces to capture.