Singapore Leftovers

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DaShanSheYing-1669       Visit Singapore – You’ll have a great time. S

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Here’s another confluence of images from Singapore taken at and around the following areas:

Fullerton Bay Hotel – Our home for the week.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – We left up $700 SD.  Paid for the steak dinner at The Cut.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay – Top brand shopping, not for the weak of heart.

Universal Studios Singapore – A full-day’s adventure.

Vivocity Shopping Mall – A full-service shopping experience.

Singapore Flyer –  Haven’t tried it yet for some it’s a must do.

Gardens by the Bay – A must see.  Free unless you want go to top on the catwalk.

DaShanSheYing-1657DaShanSheYing-1671DaShanSheYing-1661 DaShanSheYing-1658 DaShanSheYing-1660 DaShanSheYing-1633DaShanSheYing-1668DaShanSheYing-1639
DaShanSheYing-1628 DaShanSheYing-1619 DaShanSheYing-1611 DaShanSheYing-1603DaShanSheYing-1637 DaShanSheYing-1602 DaShanSheYing-1630 DaShanSheYing-1638DaShanSheYing-1650 DaShanSheYing-1651 DaShanSheYing-1652 DaShanSheYing-1653 DaShanSheYing-1613 DaShanSheYing-1601

Long Exposure Photography Made Easy

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying).   We’d appreciate if you’d sign-up and “FOLLOW” along

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Finally had a chance to try long exposure photography (LEP) at night and really enjoyed it.  Just a small step for LEP, but a leap forward towards my next chosen genre.

Long exposures were taken with my Fujifilm XPro-2’s Wifi function linked to the FujiFilm’s iPhone (Android too) app.  Here’s a screenshot showing the ability to adjust the aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure comp, touch focus and shutter release.  I’ve used other camera Wifi and phone apps yet this one worked without issue.

Fujifilm Camera Remote





Manfratto Pixi Tripod

Long Exposure Recipe

Nothing secret here as it’s

  • Use your lowest native ISO, 200 in my case to minimize noise in the shadows.
  • Tripod, i.e. Manfrotto Mini (~5′ high).  This is a great little always carry tripod. See photo above.
  • Camera set for Aperture Priority to control DOF in this case yet the Manual Mode is really the correct choice.  Next time.
  • Activate Wifi on the camera and link up with your phone.
  • The Fujifilm App then allows various functions one of which is the “Remote Function“.  Select this one.  Now you see what the camera sees – cool.  See photo above.
  • With the Remote: Adjust the Aperture to high values (lower opening) from f/11 up to your lens’ maximum, f/22 in my case.
  • With the Remote: Touch where you want the focus point, usually 1/3 of the way into the frame to optimize depth of focus which follows depth of field.
  • The Shutter Speed then increases with a smaller apertures.  In my case the following images are from 15-20 seconds.  Of course the length of time is dependent on the luminance of your scene.  As one approaches time greater than 30 seconds, the “Bulb” mode comes into play, i.e. operator controlled – not camera.
  • Focus w/Mirrorless Cameras: Using “Focus Peaking” and then zooming in to fine tune the focus is an excellent technique to practice, including myself.

Long Exposure Images DaShanSheYing-1625DaShanSheYing-1622 DaShanSheYing-1629 DaShanSheYing-1632 DaShanSheYing-1621DaShanSheYing-1648


Singapore Universal Studios Adventure

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying).   We’d appreciate if you’d “FOLLOW” along.

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The Singapore Universal Studios theme park is big, really big.  This time we choose not to wait in a 2.5 hour line for the main attraction: The Transformers Ride.  As the kids decided to have a go at waiting in line for the Big T, we walked around the theme park eventually ending up where we started. Found a bench for two and took a break.

We sat on a bench for an hour, I people watched taking candid photos which I call a “PhotoSit“.  Amazing how people are constantly taking photos, me included nowadays.

Gallery of PhotoSit Images



Chennai, India

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

Dàshān Shèyǐng  大山摄影

Well here goes nothing.  Not correct as I truly endeavor to create unique and wonderful images to share with family, friends and acquaintances which paves the path on my photographic journey towards a Visual Artist.

The journey re-started in 2014 by gaining technical competence with my gear (see “Gear”) and post-processing softwares (see “Software”).  Still learning everyday but have achieved a sufficient foundation to move towards my craft which at this point is focused on various genres (see “Galleries”).

Street Portraits is my favorite genre yet I’m expanding now to Infrared Photography as my latest path to journey down.  LifePixel (Seattle area) helped with an IR conversion of my never used Nikon D300S, i.e. hot mirror removed and a 720nm IR filter added.  Should be returning to Chennai, India soon.  IR images to come.

To accelerate my journey I joined “The Arcanum” in 2015-10 which uses a small cohort consisting of your Master and fellow Apprentices.

I posted my information and photos for selection to the Arcanum by a Master, very lucky to having been selected by Les Saucier. The Cohort can be and should be brutally honest with your posted photos to drive improvement along with share articles to advance our learning.

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