Sholinghur’s Own Camelback Mountain

In the early 50s, my Grandparents (Dad’s side) moved to Phoenix, AZ from Chicago for retirement as Grandpa retired from the IRS – a tax man and avid film photographer with a darkroom in his North Side home.  We had many family vacations headed down “Old Route 66” from Chicago.  Made it in 24 hours, non-stop in a 1966 Olds Toronado one time.  As a kid, I loved the open space of the West and the times we had.

In Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is an icon that over the years has been like many places encroached by man.  See the two old photos above.

As I saw this hill hear Sholinghur it immediately reminded me of Camelback Mountain.



2016-01-16 Sholinghur-8

At any age we have reflective thoughts on past moves and/or next steps.

For this young gentlemen, his next step is to immerse himself in the tank after having his head shaved as custom with his Hindu religion.  He’s ready and did.  – Sholinghur Subramaniya Swami Temple.

A Bluebird IR Day (w/o Clouds)

Continue to experiment in B&W for now with an external 720nm filter on my 70-200mm f/2.8.  Long exposures teaches one patience.

Although the red basic IR image is corrected in LR with a DNG camera profile for IR, Temp/Tint slider adjustments and PS R-B Channel Swap, it’s requires more study.

The turquoise image on the left is appealing as is the other bronze image yet not ready for prime time.

Will stay with B&W and work it for now.