Chennai Photowalk 2016-09-11

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(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).

Please enjoy the following 22 images and the story told from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).


A friend found this brick with my initials.  I supposed one could look a lifetime for a match and never be successful.  Thanks for the “SMK Brick“.

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Startbucks India - Bear

Keep an eye out for the pesky Bearista Bear.

The Chennai Photowalk Facebook group coordinates 2 walks per month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday early in the morning (~6:15am) to beat the day’s heat.  I’ve been very lucky to have observed various locations across Chennai that I would have never explored given no immediate need.  I suppose this is true for any photowalk, anywhere.

Photowalk Route


This was one of the longest photowalks over the last 2+years, i.e. 5.47 km. Enjoyed every minute as we ventured into Burma Colony hit heavy by flooding last Dec’15. The Adyar River went over the banks by 12′.  Hope this doesn’t repeat.

Photowalk Sights Along the Way


1) A young “MGR” look. As I was taking a fisheye shot of the temple statue, this young boy with shades jumped in for his picture. How could you not take a push the shutter release.


2) All smiles and missing a tooth – what happiness is made of.


3) Frame Within a Frame. Love the story here as Photowalkers tour around the temple followed by the local temple cow, the boy sits outside the entryway.


4) Madras War Cemetary: Our photowalk group of 20+ was not allowed in initially to the cemetery so I had to shoot from afar, ~200′.


5) B&W of the Madras War Cemetery


6) Faces of Chennai: This elderly lady had no issue with a photo especially after I gave here a Fujifilm Instax print on the spot.


7) Capturing the moment as the lady of the house sitting in the shadows wonders what the heck is this guy doing. A VanDyke Brown look.


8) Faces of Chennai: An unposed Street Portrait as this gentleman as he wonders what the heck all these photographers are doing on my street.


9) A bluebird day with a blue sky and white puffy clouds above this local temple tower.


10) Caught in the action of smiling generously as she was bringing in the paper to her father.


11) The local temple drum band waits for the loading of their Ganesha onto a truck headed to the sea for immersion.


12) Mother and Daughter of the house in the Burma Colony were all smiles for passer byes.


13) At the local temple seen in other images, we ran into a wedding party. Here the girls are greeting attendees to traditional Indian welcoming items. Somehow Bearista Bear jumped in the scene to steal the show again.


14) An alleyway in Burma Colony looking out to the Adyar River between houses.


15) Darn, just as I was taking this image of the colorful warrior, Bearista Bear jumped in the foreground with the auto-focus on him and blurring the background. Oh well.


16) Angala Easwari Muneeswarar Aalayam – Click Me


17) Veludharan. Stay alert.


18) Dec 2015 flooding (water-logging) brought the Adyar River 12′ above the already 15′ banks. Click and watch the video.  The trash shown here is what’s left from the terrible flooding.


19) Here at the start of the photowalk, a local temple provided very colorful, highly textured idols.


20) Of course, one trash pile becomes another’s treasure or meal in this case. Along the Aydar River in Burma Colony, post Dec-15 Big Flood.


21) The same local temple with three in a row.


22) A different, drive-in temple. Here this Devotee is leaving after completing his plan.

Ganesha Immersion at Foreshore Estate Beach 2016-09-11

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography

(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).


Transitioning from a Nikon D810 to Fujifilm XPro-2 Rangefinder Camera with Fujinon Lenses, see Gear/SW Page.

Please enjoy the images and stories they tell from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).
Note: You can right-click to open the image in another tab to view in greater size / resolution, download if you heart desires…  your call.

The Ganesh(a) Festival ends with an immersion into the sea after being worshipped over a period of days at home and/or local temple.  A final pooja (prayer) is perfomred ahead of immersion.

Here, I’ve captured a local temple with a 30′ pineapple Ganesha and the sequence of immersion into the sea at Foreshore Estate Beach in Chennai.

Local Pineapple Ganesha


At a T-Intersection near work, there’s a small, local temple which erected a “Pineapple Ganesha”. I had to stop and take a shot of the morning traffic jam of people on foot, bike, two-wheeler, car, truck… going to work. This image is processed in Fujifilm Velvia film simulation giving the bright rich colors and shot with an 8mm fisheye lens.


“Pineapple Ganesha”. Look at the detail involved in putting this together with the lines of the trunk, the RH broken tusk used to write a book by Ganesha… Well Done. PS Haven’t figured out how the “eye” is made.


Here individual and/or family terra-cotta Ganesha from Monday’s home Pooja sit next to the Pineapple Ganesha waiting for a ride to the sea and immersion.


Sometimes the best image is behind you, just look. Here with my 8mm fisheye, I caught this bus passing as I turned around. Not until I saw the image in LR did I realize the reflection I captured. Cool.

Immersion Photowalk Route


An interesting route I took around the beach and cranes watching trucks arriving with Ganesha immersed. Yes, I got wet to my knees getting the shot.

Ganesha Immersion Sequenced


Thr trucks arrive from all over Chennai’s neighborhood temples and line up for “Ganesha Disembarkment”. Here volunteers assist the temple devotees. If the Ganesha is too large, then the crane is used to lift it up and out to the beach.


Here the Ganesha is off-loaded and carried by 6-8 devotees to the sea’s edge for a final Pooja ahead of immersion.


This hand erected wooden tower for police surveillance as the crowds grow is being used my 5 boys intensely watching the event. What memories are made of.


A VanDyke Brown image showing as the crane drops of its prize, i.e. a huge black and gold Ganesha.


The Purple / Yellow colors pop with Fujifilm’s Velvia film simulation applied. Another Ganesha being off-loaded for immersion.


This larger paper mache Ganesha statue is being whisked thru the air to the edge of the sea.


Here’s one of two cranes used all day to off-load 2,615 Ganesha for immersion, i.e. the local police’s limit for immersion. Again an 8mm fisheye lens. Distortion is just part of the story.


Here a local fisherman’s boat is used to take the Ganesha far out into the sea by three adventurers.


This Velvia Film simulation has lovely colors and detail. My favorite image depicting the final moments before immersion.


Here a temple devotee takes this smaller Ganesha to sea, isn’t he having fun. – all smiles.


Immersion complete as the waves come in to finish the work.


Oh yes, some of these paper mache Ganesha statues fall apart with body parts being used in a joyful way for the Immersion.

PSM Ganesh Chaturthi Photowalk 2016-09-05

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Today is Ganesh Chaturthi, a family festival for Ganesha, i.e. The Remover of Obstacles.

Note: Be on the lookout for Bearista Bear amongst the Ganesha

PSM Photowalk Route in Mylapore


A short photowalk yet full of people and action.

Today’s Photowalk Images


A local temple Ganesha with a garland


Ganesh Chaturthi Umbrellas


Green Ganesha


Umbrella Saleswoman


Ganesha Ready for Home


Bearista Bear Surrounded by Ganesha


Having a Good Day


Umbrellas For Sale

George Town, Chennai Photowalk 2016-09-04

Great to have you stop by for another photoblog post depicting my times in here in South India with the colors, friendly people and rich culture.

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Me in a Self-Reflection



Please enjoy the images and the story we visualized at the George Town Photowalk.

Note: Be on the lookout for “Bearista Bear” as it’s been known to enjoy photowalks.



Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Printer

Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Printer. I handed out 10 prints on this Photowalk. To smiling faces and wide open eyes.

Chennai’s Most Serious Photographers (CMSP) Google+ Community Photowalk Route


For the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday, October 1st, we decided to follow the exact route in George Town this morning.

We headed north on Malayaperumal Street from the starting point at the corner of NSC Bose Street immediately surrounded by Fruit and Vegetable street vendors.  This was the longest portion of the walk given all the street photography opportunities.

We continued north until Audiappa Naicken St and turned left headed west.  Here the rickshaws (not Autos) were numerous.  At Godown Street, we turned left back to NSC Bose Street – not much activity on this “Textile Street this morning.

Reaching NSC Bose Street again we turned right headed for another right turn on Govindappan Naicken St (Electrical Goods Street) with a quick left turn on Kasi Chetty Street turning left again on Narayana Mudali Street back to NSC Bose Street again.  We now in Sowcarpet, having left George Town.

Now a right turn headed towards South Mint Street where we make our final turn (RH) towards our end point traversing another Fruit and Vegetable Market and a beautiful Jain Temple.  Personal Note for Oct 1st: Should have picked up some onions as they don’t get any fresher.

There are still openings left for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in George Town, Chennai.  Sign-up Here.

Used this opportunity to test our a new Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye II Lens for my Fujifilm XPro-2.  Awesome addition.  Lens distortion corrected here and there but not always.

On a side note, during the photowalk I pointed out a mouse behind the shopkeeper.  He looked and held his hands a foot apart signifying the mother of all rats.  Glad to have missed that fellow.

Street Photography Fisheye Images


Vegetable Vendor under Ganesha


Purple Eggplant Vendor – Friendly Guy.


A Fujifilm Special Film Simulation


The Evil Eye.


All Alone


Talk to my Friend


Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, MGR


Elephant Gate Police Watch Tower – Vacant


Hot Green Pepper Vendor – Great Smile


Time for a lube job, yes really.. See the oil bottle next to his left foot.


All smiles.


Cricket Team looking for a pickup match.


Berry (unknown) Vendor


Neighborhood Shrine



Sorry, this rickshaw is taken.


Lookout – Rickshaw Coming Thru


All-In-One Shopping

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival – Readiness Check at Kosapet

Glad to have you back again as our South India adventure continues.  

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Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy the images and the story we saw at Kosapet – Ganesha Idols

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Ganesh Chaturthi: A Hindu Festival like no other celebrated each year over 10-days but what is Ganesh Chaturthi and why it is celebrated?  Click Here.

I ventured over to Kosapet in the early morning to observe the final preparation of the Ganesh (Ganesha) Idols for purchasing which will later be immersed in the sea.  I’ll be there at Foreshore Estate Beach where 1000s gather to finalize the festival sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Have a look out for the Bearista Bear who at times has been known to sneak into the photo.


Ganesh Trio


Hand Rinsed Laundry


Locked Door


Bearista Bear Sneak Visit


Rickshaw Driver Open for Business


Ganesh All Lined Up


Take a Break Under the Eyes of Ganesha


Alley-Way Temple


Buy Me, Immerse Me


Open Door


Bearista Bear and his Lady Friends


Saloon and Spa for Ladies


Small Ganesh Lined Up

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