Nanmangalam Reserve Forest 2016-07-23

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This is our photowalk 4km+ route. It was a relaxing, peaceful walk in nature.

Nanmangalam Reserved Forest is our Chennai’s Most Serious Photographer’s Google+ Community 2nd Photowalk and what a great time with fellow photographers who share the passion.

The featured image above are of the four gentlemen who provided us security and direction as we walked given the trails are unmarked.  Thanks to the TN Forest Service for their gracious support in allowing us into the reserve for our photowalk.

Even though we were prepared, we found no snakes lurking around.  We did see a lot of birds, butterflies, two now abandoned stone quarries filled with water and plenty of flowering bushes / trees.  The path was clear and an easy walk.

Here is a brief photo gallery from today:

Tawny Coster Butterfly – MaleDaShanSheYing-1687 

Fujifilm Arcos w/Red Filter B&W JPEGDaShanSheYing-1694

Mirrored Self-ReflectionDaShanSheYing-1690

A Beautiful Frangipani FlowerDaShanSheYing-1689

Fujifilm Arcos w/Red Filter B&W JPEGDaShanSheYing-1692

Flower Unknown – Purple FunDaShanSheYing-1695

Stone Quarry LakeDaShanSheYing-1697

Fujifilm Arcos w/Red Filter B&W JPEGDaShanSheYing-1696

IR Stone Quarry LakeDaShanSheYing-1698

The Crew