Arrived in Brum

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying –大山摄影) Hello Birmingham After a 12 hour Shanghai to Paris flight followed by a 2.5-hour wait then a 1+ puddle jumper (English Channel actually) over to Birmingham, Dashan Sheying has shifted locations from India.  Stay tuned for future UK posts.  For now I’ve included some initial images from my… Read More Arrived in Brum

Goodbye Nikon

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying –大山摄影) Goodbye Nikon I knew this day would come given my Nikon D810 and its many associated lenses have become just “Dust Collectors” over the last 10+ months with not one shutter click.  My Fuji X-Pro2, 6×17 Pinhole, and Fuji GF670 cameras have had all the fun of late. Today,… Read More Goodbye Nikon

Last Dance

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying –大山摄影) Good-bye Chennai I thought it appropriate to have my Last Dance (Photowalk) here in Chennai around Mylapore knowing that it’s a bustling city at sunrise.  We were surprised as we turned down Chitrakulam West Street to see the Sri Audikesava Perumal Peylar Temple (RED X) holding its local… Read More Last Dance


Welcome to Big Mountain Photography (Dashan Sheying –大山摄影) Happy Holi Everyone.  It’s colored-powder time with a splash of water – enjoy. This post reveals one of the most beautiful, intricate flowers I’ve seen here in India.  It’s from the Couroupita guianensis, i.e. Cannonball Tree. Get the Wikipedia rundown here Often you see this tree in… Read More Cannonball