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Glenn is Gone – Wow Makes One Think

I can say I was privileged to see The Eagles twice, what a performance.  Thank you.

Colors and Face(s) of Chennai


Capturing and documenting street portraits in Chennai is a privilege that few share.

Thank you to the many Faces of Chennai which I’ve captured over the last two years.

Good News – Still plenty of Faces to capture.



Faces of Sholinghur, Tamil Nadu, India

The people in south India are the friendliest and quickly cooperate in street portraiture.  In fact, I’m often asked to take their photo and they thank me. Not sure any other country has it so easy for a street photographer.


2016-01-16 Sholinghur-8

At any age we have reflective thoughts on past moves and/or next steps.

For this young gentlemen, his next step is to immerse himself in the tank after having his head shaved as custom with his Hindu religion.  He’s ready and did.  – Sholinghur Subramaniya Swami Temple.

A Bluebird IR Day (w/o Clouds)

Continue to experiment in B&W for now with an external 720nm filter on my 70-200mm f/2.8.  Long exposures teaches one patience.

Although the red basic IR image is corrected in LR with a DNG camera profile for IR, Temp/Tint slider adjustments and PS R-B Channel Swap, it’s requires more study.

The turquoise image on the left is appealing as is the other bronze image yet not ready for prime time.

Will stay with B&W and work it for now.


Infrared Photography


Eager to receive my Nikon D300S IR converted camera with focus calibrated lens back from LifePixel in the Seattle area.

I’d say this camera is now an established frequent flyer. Continue reading “Infrared Photography”


Chennai, India

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

Dàshān Shèyǐng  大山摄影

Well here goes nothing.  Not correct as I truly endeavor to create unique and wonderful images to share with family, friends and acquaintances which paves the path on my photographic journey towards a Visual Artist.

The journey re-started in 2014 by gaining technical competence with my gear (see “Gear”) and post-processing softwares (see “Software”).  Still learning everyday but have achieved a sufficient foundation to move towards my craft which at this point is focused on various genres (see “Galleries”).

Street Portraits is my favorite genre yet I’m expanding now to Infrared Photography as my latest path to journey down.  LifePixel (Seattle area) helped with an IR conversion of my never used Nikon D300S, i.e. hot mirror removed and a 720nm IR filter added.  Should be returning to Chennai, India soon.  IR images to come.

To accelerate my journey I joined “The Arcanum” in 2015-10 which uses a small cohort consisting of your Master and fellow Apprentices.

I posted my information and photos for selection to the Arcanum by a Master, very lucky to having been selected by Les Saucier. The Cohort can be and should be brutally honest with your posted photos to drive improvement along with share articles to advance our learning.

Continue reading “Introduction”

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