All About the Light

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

As my photography journey continues and believe me it is continuing as I evolve my taste for “light”, I’ve taken fewer photos while attempting to stalk the “light”.   I believe this is a by-product from shifting back to film while staying 50-50 with digital.

With medium format 120 film, images per roll range from 4 to 12:

  • Fuji GF670: at 10 – 6×7 or 12 – 6×6 images per roll
  • Mamiya C330: 12 – 6×6 images per roll
  • Hasselblad 500CM: 12 – 6×6 images per roll
  • Shenhao 6×17 View Camera: 4 images per roll
  • RSS Pinhole Camera: 4 images per roll

Given the limited number of images, you need to think each and every composition through while stalking the light.  Often, I catch myself rushing for the next image and say it’s not a digital experience I’m seeking.  So this gallery is my “Light Stalker” of both digital and film where the focus is to capture and process for the light, always the light.

Patronage: Please “Follow” along as our adventure continues in the UK and EU  Comments, Likes, … always welcomed here.

Featured Image Above: “Ganesh Immersion at Foreshore Beach, Chennai“. I took this image from atop the hand-lashed platform.

Light Stalker Gallery: Mamiya C330 Medium Format Film and Fuji X-Pro2 Digital


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