Black and White Conversions – Your Choice

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(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Over the last three years of image processing, I’ve settled on three main approaches after the “Basic”… adjustments in Lightroom for B&W conversions: Photoshop or ON1 Photo RAW.  I’ve inserted three videos that will take you thru the image processing, step by step.  Try one approach and expand your arsenal.  Good luck.

Note: I finish off each B&W conversion with two artistic effects, i.e. a subtle vignette plus dodging the highlights and burning the shadows at low flow rates.

1) Photoshop Using “Calculations” and “B&W Adjustments Layer

2) ON1 Photo RAW – Develop Filter – B&W

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Featured Image Above: Sir Winston Churchill statue near Westminster in London.

Digital – Fuji x-Pro2