Next Up – Mamiya C330 Pro F Medium Format Camera

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Here are my first images developed, scanned and processed from my new/old Mamiya C330 Pro F using 55m, 80mm (std lens) and 180mm lenses.  The techniques for focusing and finding the correct exposure is the same as using the Shenhao 6×17 view camera, i.e. ground glass with magnification for finding focus and Pentax Spotmeter for finding exposure (aperture and shutter speed) at the film’s box ISO.

Still have a roll of Fuji Velvia 100 to complete developing, i.e. Palm Labs runs this e6 slide film processing on Fridays only so will see the results next week.  Another three rolls to go in from our London Weekend Trip.

Patronage: Please “Follow” along as our adventure continues in the UK and EU  Comments, Likes, … always welcomed here.

Featured Image Above: Canal Boat looking back at Birmingham’s Library.

Film – Mamiya 6×6 TTL Medium Format – Kodak Ektar 100
Digital – Fuji x-Pro2 with 16mm and 23mm lenses in Stratford upon Avon, Warwick Castle, and London

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