First Shenhao 6×17 View Camera Exposures

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Reference this original POST covering my first Shenhao exposures.

Film Holder Loaded with Focusing and Exposure Checks Done

Just a quick follow-up note on my first 4 exposures on the Shenhao 617 view camera two weeks ago.  As mentioned before I had a full list of Things Gone Wrong (TGW) requiring my attention.  I’ve taken actions to correct plus create a checklist to establish a cadence.

First and foremost I had blown out exposures.  The 3rd image of the boats in the bay was totally overexposure (stuck shutter on my part), so I get a pass.  The 2nd image of the bridge shifted to the left, was overexposed for reasons unknown after I reviewed my on-site film notes.  Maybe a shutter issue.

In Summary:  I’m learning from my mistakes and that’s the correct approach.  As my old football coach would say “Spit on it and rub it”, i.e. suck it up and get back into the game.  However, I do like the properly exposed scans as very little post-processing on my part was required – see the gallery below.

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Shenhao 6×17 Gallery (2)

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