Day Tripper to Barmouth, Wales

Welcome to Big Mountain Photography

(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Barmouth, Wales

A day trip to Barmouth, Wales from Birmingham. Says 2hr 29min yet I took my time, left 5:35a and arrived 8:15a. Very little traffic on the “Ms” and the “As”. Going back traffic found me. I’m headed back as JDR arrives and up into Snowdonia Nat’l Park.

Planned the trip last night from a selection of 5 options, got up and out at 5:30a.  It was the correct choice.  The drive was awe inspiring for a photographer as often I saw the shot, visualized the results and had to keep driving by with no place to park.  A common theme here in the UK, not enough parking spaces along the roads for us tourists.
I went seeking landscapes with my big gun, Shenhao 617 view camera with movements included.  However, I found interesting Peoplescapes – see gallery below.
I can’t provide the instant gratification we now enjoy with digital so let me explain my analog experience including TGW and TGR.  I made errors – okay stand up, brush off the dust and learn:

Things Gone Wrong (TGW)

  1. Forgot to close shutter after focusing
  2. Forgot to open the shutter at wide open, i.e. f/5.6
  3. Forgot to open the dark slide, 2x
  4. Couldn’t see F/45 on top the lens with tripod height – found the f numbers underneath
  5. Shutter cable malfunctioned due to my error and left stuck open – need to check it out.  More likely a personal problem.
  6. Exposure 3 will be interesting with a selfie given the effect of number 4.
  7. Need a lanyard to hold the Pentax Spot Meter V
  8. Need a bag to hold the film back from the tripod
  9. Get the Loupe on a retracting pull string
  10. Couldn’t see the exposure numbers to clearly set 2, 5, 8 and 11.  Bring my little spotlight next time to see the exposure number.
  11. Exposure #4 may be short of 17cm from number 10.
  12. Dark cloth (Red/Black w/velcro) works okay yet needs to be tighter up against the rear standard.

Things Gone Right (TGR)

  1. Buying the 300mm f/9 was a good choice to reach out.  May have exceeded the bellow factor as finally got focus with little to spare.  Need to check actual front to rear standard lengths next time.
  2. The 150mm f/5.6 is an all around lens.  Used the Viewfinder App with my 4 focal lengths loaded and in each case it was in the top 2 to select.
  3. The loupe was fine at 6x.
  4. Large Format bag w/gear worked fine.  No new bag needed
  5. Focusing was fun, nothing complicated this time.
  6. Exposures 1 and 2 should be okay – let’s see after the scans from the Palm Lab here in Birmingham, ~2 weeks out.
  7. Will need Lee Filters (Grads for sure to balance the light)
  8. Spot meter worked well as took the EV reading for Zone 3 to capture shadow detail with Etkar 100 then shifted the EV number from the “South” position to Zone 3 on the paper scale.  Felt though the SS of 1/15 and 1/30 were too quick.  Didn’t use the Reciprocity Timer App as it has a known bug which kicks one out when the camera icon is touched.  Developer working it.
From TGW, I need to create a brief “Pilot Take-Off Checklist” so to say for shooting large format style.  Next task.
Patronage: Please “Follow” along as our adventure continues in the UK and EU  Comments, Likes, … always welcomed here.
Note: Bold, Underlined Red highlighted text is an external link of interest.

Shenhao 617 Setup (iPhone w/o Post)

Peak District Walkabout Gallery

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