Goodbye Nikon

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(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Goodbye Nikon

I knew this day would come given my Nikon D810 and its many associated lenses have become just “Dust Collectors” over the last 10+ months with not one shutter click.  My Fuji X-Pro2, 6×17 Pinhole, and Fuji GF670 cameras have had all the fun of late.
Today, I sold my Nikon Gear as I’m a believer in not being a pack-rat.  It’s okay to let possessions go and move on.  Now I’m moving on to a Shenhao 6×17 view camera for landscapes.  I did, however, keep my Nikon IR converted D300s with two lenses plus one Zeiss lens.
I’ve listed the original prices and was amazed at what I’ve collected over the last 4 years and estimated that I would target 50%, i.e. around $6,000 USD as my asking price.  To my surprise, the offer from our local camera dealer which we’ve used for years here in Xi’an was spot-on the $6k target price.  How did he know?
Did I lose out by taking only 50% of original cost, I don’t think so as I’m better to have cash in hand than dusty camera gear.
I’ve included a few gallery images from my short time in Xi’an ahead of leaving for Birmingham, UK, i.e our next residence.
Patronage: Please “Follow” along as our adventure ends in India then over to Xi’an, China and later in April to the U.K.  Comments, Likes, … always welcomed here.
Note: Bold, Underlined Red highlighted text is an external link of interest.

Xi’an Gallery – VSSR Applied

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Nikon

  1. Should have been a tough parting – that is some nice equipment.
    Can’t wait to see the adventures from Birmingham.

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