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(Dashan Sheying –大山摄影)

Happy Holi Everyone.  It’s colored-powder time with a splash of water – enjoy.

This post reveals one of the most beautiful, intricate flowers I’ve seen here in India.  It’s from the Couroupita guianensis, i.e. Cannonball Tree.
Get the Wikipedia rundown here
Often you see this tree in the temples as sometimes its striking flower is referred to as the Lingam Flower given its resemblance to the Snake of Shiva with its yellow teeth and Lingam as its tongue.
VSSR Applied.
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Gallery – VSSR AppliedDaShanSheYing-2756


2 thoughts on “Cannonball

  1. Very nice picture. Much better than the one I have. BTW The genus is capitalized but the specie name is not capitalized. I’m sure that you want to be accurate. I am surprised you came across this tree with a name on it. I found India to have some nice botanical gardens but poorly identified trees.

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