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Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic

Last Sunday morning, I took a brief photowalk around the local Mylapore Temple with a Lensbaby lens on my Fuji X-Pro2 to experiment with its Tilt and Swing features in moving the plane of focus.  It’s a creative lens, i.e. miniature effect, selective focus…

Surprisingly the most difficult focus was to bring the lens back to its neutral position with a full focus plane.  Shooting in manual mode with a mirrorless allows using “focus peaking” was a breeze as one clearly understands where the slice of focus is moving.


Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic


View Camera Movements: Lensbaby Left<=> Right is like “Swing” in a View Camera Lensbaby Up<=> Down is like “Tilt” in a View Camera


1) Focused on Fiat: Used a left horizon swing to move the focus plan to the rear of the Fiat 1000 as a Selective Focus technique.


2) Temple Tank in Focus: The pink water lilies in full bloom provides the color balance against the green grass (weeds too).


3) Temple Tower Sliced:  This slice of life begins to show the multitude of stories on the Temple’s Tower.

Fuji GF670 Medium Format Film, 6×7


4) Hyderabad Scarecrow: A repeat of digital work.  After passing this cotton field for 15+ times it appears he’s keeping it secure.


5) At Rest in Dock: The faded green color of this fishing vessel is a true representation of its real visual appeal.

Fuji X-Pro2 with Iridient Developer RAW Processing


6) Looking Down: At the entrance to the Mylapore Temple Tower, I found this scene of Hindu Gods watching over the many visitors as I turned around to look up.


7) Quiet Sunday Morning Read: My walk around Mylapore Temple found this gentleman enjoying his newspaper in solitude.