Fuji GF670 Camera and Medium Format Film Journey Continues

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120 Medium Format Film


Just to get level-set on the image size of medium format, i.e. 6×7 (0r 6×6).  It’s ~4x the size of a 35mm negative (or full-frame digital camera).  Although not exact it provides 200+MB of resolution dependent on scanning DPI chosen.  In short, I choice medium format to enable its scalability to large prints (16×20) when I finally attain that fine art image to hang on my wall.  The journey continues for this quest.

My Film Journey

My learning continues with “getting it right in-camera” as never before has this phrase meant so much. I’ve made silly errors like rolling the take-up spool the wrong way thus allowing light leaks to occur, soft-focusing (my eyes need a +2 diopter added to the rangefinder) and composing (need to back-up to get what I seek in the frame).

As for focusing, I’ve changed to the use of a monopod when doing “street photography” yet know the tripod is the ultimate choice.  When forced to use the GF670 hand-held like for the temple shots below as no …pods allowed, I’ve added a Thumbs Up grip similar to the one use for my X-Pro2.

Image Gallery


1) Sandstone temple carvings


2) Varanasi Cremation Ghat – Guys hanging out.


3) Varanasi Cremation Ghat – “Love All”


4) Varanasi Cremation Ghat – First portrait shot.


5) Varanasi Cremation Ghat – Wall Mural Art


6) Mylapore Temple at Sunset.


If you made this far down the page, I have a new camera coming, i.e. a 6×17 pano “pinhole” camera.  I look forward to trying the basic Camera Obscura.