Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India: Part III – Alleyways

Thank-you for visiting Big Mountain Photography where the Varanasi, India adventure continues with a visualization of the network of narrow back alleyways which parallel the 87 Ghats and River Ganga. Varanasi alleyways are but a dichotomy stuck in time while all else in Varanasi works hard to modernize. I enjoyed the feeling of times gone by.

It’s easy to get lost and even Google Maps may not set you in the correct direction – be careful. 🙂

Link to Part I, Intro.        Link to Part II, Faces.

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Image Gallery: Alleyways of Varanasi


1) What do you suppose he’s carrying, milk, water, …?


2) Pooja-ware for sale with eyes peering above the table in the morning sunlight.


3) Morning prayer finished.


4) Up and to the right.  Watch out for cow pies.


5) Turn right and loss 200 years.


6) Morning pooja starts.


7) A great read in solitude.

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