Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India: Part II – Faces

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography where my photographic journey continues with Part II of IV from a visit to Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Link to Part I – Intro.

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By far this is the most photogenic experience I’ve ever witnessed with the character of an ancient city still alive with the smell, noise, visual tension, … from years past.

The City of Varanasi is rich in Hindu history as the birthplace of Lord Shiva and his reincarnation the Lord Hanuman – (Monkey King)… the list goes on.


Lord Shiva


Lord Hanuman

I hope you’ll walk away visualizing the strong and appealing character of Varanasi in this IV Part Series.  As always your comments, likes, shares… are most welcome.


Image Gallery: Faces of Varanasi


1) This elderly lady just finished her early morning dip in the River Ganga which I assume is a daily event.


2) This gentleman his proud and his confident stare tells the story.


3) On the steps of the Ghat, this gentleman gives me the look, i.e. semi-stare.


4) Although he most likely is some level of a holy man, it appears to be more of a tourist photo-op.


5) Same here.  They both do make a great photo-op, i.e. couldn’t walk on by without giving the headshake and the camera held up.


6) Fresh out of his morning dip in the River Ganga, this elder gentleman posed with water droplets falling from his face.


7) This is daughter and grandson of the gentleman in #6.  A lovely image of motherhood.


8) This rubbery-faced elder woman reminds me of Walter Matthau

who’s facial expressions were vast.


9) What lovely colors.


10) The twist of a stache means what?


11) School children’s smiles.


12) Temple bouncer hanging out at the front entrance.


13) Lovely pose.


14) I helped this gentleman as he appeared down and out.

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