Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India: Part I – Intro

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography where my photographic journey continues with Part I of IV from a visit to Varanasi in the state of  Uttar Pradesh.

This is a photographer’s dream come true as the “Character of Varanasi” is unchanged from years gone by given its 87 Ghats alongside the Ganga (Ganges) River.

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I’ve decided to make four (4) unique posts on Varanasi to enable the full coverage it deserves, from an “Intro to Varanasi”, “Faces”, “Alleyways”, and the “Ghats”.  But  first, let me level set us with some visualization on the back alleyways, Ghats and River Ganga.

PS With the number of images to process, I’ll be sending out parts II, III and IV very soon.

Walking / Rowboat Routes


Afternoon of the Day 1: Walked the back alleyways of the old city of Varanasi then up along the Ghats.


Evening of Day 1: Again through the alleyways then via rowboat for the evening Aarthi performance (2 adjacent to each other).  Next time I’ll be on the shore, close up.


Very Early Morning Day 2: Up for sunrise from the RH side shining on the Ghats.


Early Morning Day 3: Moving further down for the southern Ghats. It was a very pleasant stroll with a minimum of people.

Image Gallery: Intro to Varanasi


1) Back Alleyway of the old City of Varanasi: The lanes are narrow and well travel by man and beast.  Always watch your step and keep your camera ready.


2) Faces: From children to young / old adults there is a wide diversity of looks one can capture.  Is your cameras ready?


3) Steps of the Ghats: With 87 Ghats to walk up or down, you can image the variation of scenes you walk into from Cremation Ghats, Laundry Ghats, Bathing Ghats, Pooja Ghats…


4) Rowboats: The best way to view the Ghats of the Ganga River as you have time to watch and watch again the rush of images you encounter.  Again, have your camera ready with a telescopic lens.


5) People:  From young to old, they bath every sunrise to wash away one’s sins.


6) Rebirth: Well organized outdoor (or indoor electric) crematoriums are busy 24×7.  At times bodies are just pushed out and sunk in the Ganga River.  I saw two dead cows floating just offshore.  Yes, there’s pollution yet people live with it from bathing to drinking water.

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