Sunrise at Kasimedu Fishing Harbor / Sunset at Mylapore Temple

Welcome to Dashan Sheying where my photographic journey continues with repeat visits to Kasimedu Fishing Harbor and Mylapore Temple.  I’d appreciate your patronage in following via email alerts, i.e. FOLLOW button RH side.

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I’ve taken you before to the Kasemidu Fishing Harbor for dockside and fish market images plus the Mylapore Temple yet each visit brings new sites worthy of capturing.

I’ve changed my framing look for now with the large band in “White” for color images and B&W has two choices using White-Black-Gray or White-Gray-Black bands.  Thoughts?

(1) Image Gallery: Kasemidu Fishing Harbor (Video)

1) Captain’s Pilot House looking for a ship.


2) A real rust bucket serving out its last years attached to the dock as a floating home for crew members.


3) Calm as can be for this Dock Portrait


4) This rust bucket is in for an overhaul, long way to go.


5) Take our picture, no problem with this 10mm lens.  Distortion – yes but acceptable.


6) Just finished pulled this boat into dry dock for repair and refurbishment.  Friendly crew.


7) A new boat under construction using local wood combined with fiberglass reinforcement for the boat’s hull. Cool.

(2) Image Gallery: Mylapore Temple (Video)


8) Temple Priests discussing particulars of which we are not privy.



9) Street Vendor selling cauliflowers, look good.


10)  The Temple Tower, i.e. main entrance on the east side.


11) A great place to sit down and relax which I did.  Bill – Is that you?


12) The Chariot / Car Mascots at rest.


13) Temple colors are rich and full of life.


14) Temple Cow holding and milking facility.

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