Tamil Nadu Fort and Temple Run 2016-11-05

Welcome to Dashan Sheying where my photographic journey continues with a road trip down southwest into the state of Tamil Nadu, India for a Fort (1) and Temple (3) Run.  I’d appreciate your patronage in following via email alerts, i.e. FOLLOW button RH side.

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We left at 3:00am from Chennai and returned at 9:00pm.  The map below shows our route with details tin this link 429 km trip:


  1. Gingee Fort and Anjaneyar Temple in Gingee, Tamil Nadu
  2. Melmalayanur Temple in Malaiyanur, Tamil Nadu
  3. Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
  4. Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple and Vellore Fort in Vellore, Tamil Nadu
(1) Image Gallery: Gingee Fort and Anjaneyar Temple

1) The entrance to Gingee Fort with signs everywhere – Hmmm.  Of course, the standard price jack from Rs15 to Rs400 – even for an Indian Gold Taxpayer.  Yes it irks me, maybe Trump should try this one at our National Parks.


2) Well, it’s not a Kingfisher as the beak is too short, it’s a ??? – forgot.


3) Sunrise at Gingee Fort side lake and temple.  Not allowed in until 8:30am to Gingee Fort.  


4) Temple Tank at Gingee Fort with 8mm fisheye lens – works after perspective distortions removed in Lightroom.


5)  This is the “Gymnasium” at Gingee Fort – amazing the size.  Again put my fisheye to work.  Cool.


6) Archways at Gingee Fort – Many to Photograph


7) With a Monochrome treatment.

(2) Image Gallery: Melmalayanur Temple

8)  Sunlight caught as it begins to descend for the evening.

(3) Image Gallery: On the Road Fun

9)  Took this image one purpose of demonstrating the confound factors of the Indian wiring skill set which is required to decipher the maze of wires so you can attach yours.

(4) Image Gallery: Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple and Vellore Fort

10) Vellore Fort horse at rest.


11) Vellore Fort Temple Tower Entrance.