Hyderabad, India Framed


Welcome to Dashan Sheying where my photographic journey continues with a lesson from John Tuttle on adding frames to images in Photoshop using the Canvas Size tool under Image.  The color for the widest band around the image is created with the color eye-dropper by sampling the main color of the image thus obtaining an overall blended look.

On G+, FB… please click on the link to my photoblog to view the rest of the story.  If you like what you see, feel free to share on the social media of your choice.

Note: You can right-click to “open the image in another tab” to view in a larger size / resolution, right-click to download if you heart desires…  your call.

Note: Red-colored text is a link for more information, i.e. Wikipedia, YouTube, Map…

You must jump over to see John’s work on Facebook with his 4×5 large format camera of his recent images from New Mexico. Beautiful. The ability to capture tonality, texture, detail… with medium/large format film is the motivator for my next camera, i.e. a 120 film 6×6, 6×7 Fuji GF670 Folder.  Arrives Monday 11/7.

Watch for my next post.  I will be using The FIND Lab in Utah, USA for the development of negatives and subsequent scans.  Hoping for a two-week turnaround from mailing to scans being uploaded.

PS I have my eye on a ShenHao 4×5 large format with a 6×17 film back / ground glass accessory.  Not this year but maybe a 2017 adventure.

Fujifilm GF670 Medium Fornat

Fujifilm GF670 Medium Format

Three-Band Framing Gallery

Next, I’m fixing to add Chinese Characters to the LH side for a short poem representative of the image.  Will need the help of my niece Li Ying (excellent in oral and written English) to find the appropriate characters in telling a complementary story.  Thank-you John and Li Ying.

I appreciate your feedback on the framing as it’s potentially the beginning of my SMK “Brand Image”.


1) Waiting: Another early morning scene in front of the Chicken Market.  What caught my eye doing 50kph was the man sitting on three-stacked plastic chairs – a first.


2) Calling: A Muslin School for Orphans starts the day with what I presume to be one of the teachers catching up with friends.


3) Sun(s)rise: A more artsy image as I’ve added a color gradient followed by adding a texture layer showing multiple suns at Sunrise.


4) Illuminated Scarecrow:  Found this lonely scarecrow amongst the cotton as the field is in transition to bare its white fruit.


5) Miniature Scarecrow: Using the Fuji Filter for a Miniature-Look (Tilt-Shift) placed on the JPEG file.


6) Auto Conversation:  No doubt these two gentlemen are solving world hungry with an intense discussion.


7) Speakers Corner: Past (deceased) Leaders from across India await a buyer yet in the meantime they’re in  good company.


8) Toy Scarecrow:  Again with a different Fuji Filter for JPEGs the Toy Camera look is achieved.


9) Golden Leaders: As they look out on their India, what do they think?


10) Coffee Time:  Traveling a brisk 65kph, took this image noting the tw0-wheelers (motorcycles) loaded with goods, i.e. colorful winter blankets.  This is a 16×7 aspect ratio, popular amongst photographers for “panos”.

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