One Load After Another Until The Road Is Done

Let me take you into another small paragraph of my life and times in India.  Had a chance to witness a concrete road being laid at sunset so pulled out the X-Pro2 to capture the moment.  Maybe not a “Decisive Moment” but a moment none the less.

As is normally the case, I get interesting looks, i.e. smiles, frowns, look-aways… as they wonder who is this foreigner taking my photo – why?  What caught my eye was the unique load-carrying safety hard hat used by the women.


Load-Carrying Safety Hard Hat – Clever Dual-Purpose Wear


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Note: Red-colored text is a link for more information, i.e. Wikipedia, YouTube, Map…

Concrete Road Construction Gallery


1) Making concrete starts with the ingredients, sand, coarse rock aggregate, mortar/cement mix… then mix it all together and pour it out.  The cycle repeats.


2) A track and trolley system is used to transfer the mix.


3) Into the straightaway, heading towards the finish line.


4) At the end of the finish line.  I was told the track is pull up ahead of being buried in the cement.  Leveling, vibrating, striking, texturizing… the cement remains to be done over the next 24 hours.  Remember concrete curing is an exothermic reaction generating heat which if not cooled (water/wet rags…) causes cracks/faults in the concrete.


5) Finally the “Rubber mMeets the Road” as the load is dumped. One down, 100s to go.


6) In a retro-style image, the women engage in talk awaiting their next task.

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