Sunrise at Kasemidu Fishing Harbor

Glad you stopped by.  Let me share with you another sunrise photowalk around Kasemidu Fishing Harbor.  Blue Hour started at 5:38a with Golden Hour ending at 6:38a.  I overslept (first time) and we arrived at 5:55a with plenty of time to get the early morning light.

Given other commitments, we didn’t have time to walk south towards the Fish Market which is another story altogether.  Next time on 11/7.


You can see the six piers on the LH side going left to right.  We walked the 2nd and 3rd piers with plenty of action to witness as ships were readying themselves to leave (ice and diesel placed onboard).   While other boat crews were counting their hard earned money from a day’s catch including a small portion of fish to take home to the family.

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Icemen Gallery


Here he’s unloading ~25 ice blocks which are broken down into 4 pieces each then loaded by hand into the hull of the boat, cost Rs250/big block.  The tire caught each block’s impact in avoiding the generation of ice cubes.


A three-man operation loading the boat with the ice for the next catch of fish.


If you have the money, the ice is placed in a pulverizer then taken to the boat’s hull hole by a conveyor and drop tube.


Pulverizing the ice.  Added a painting-like look to the image.

Boatmen Gallery


These two made a great diagonal image as they took a rest for the next haul out to sea.


Time to repair the fishing net.  Apparently, ~10 boats go out together with one big boat which anchors after laying the net and the other 9 boats later pull-in net for the day’s catch.  Wonder if I could go out for an all-day excursion to see it first hand.


After repairing the net, it’s pulled onto the boat and positioned for the next time at sea.


Portrait of a young fisherman.


An utility three-wheel cart for miscellaneous hauls.  Love the bright red and yellows colors.


There he was resting on a pier post like a seagull.  His stare was interesting yet later turned to a smile.


The Crew.


Just a mixture of color and trash.


Another Fisherman Portrait up close.  He never changed his pose from the first I saw him.


Of course, I shared Instax prints with 6 people this time.  Fun to do.

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