PSM Photowalk at Sunset in Mylapore 2016-10-09

Back again (and again) to Mylapore as it’s a happening place during festival time with lots of people, colors and the morning/evening lighting as icing on the cake.  The stand out attraction was Navarathri Golu Dolls.

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Photowalk Gallery


1)  Light and Color are two ingredients for any image (B&W too).  Here he appears to be floating.


2) Looking up at the temple main gate as the setting sun spreads its rays across the various idols at work.


3) One of my favorites in capturing the essence of light’s tonality at sunset.


4) Street Kid at play in Mylapore


5)  I assume these two are waiting anxiously for the return of someone special after a brief shopping spree.


6) If it’s not on this two-wheeler I’d be surprised.


7) Temple in B&W.  The flagpole was empty today.


8) Paths inside the temple and getting the uplifted hand from passerbys.


9)  Where’s my customers?  All these Golu Dolls to sell and no takers.


10)  Looking up again at the main temple gate as the sun sets.


11)  I take the big one in the back.


12)  Sunset on Mylapore Temple


13)  Coming thru, make way as I have places to go, things to sell.


14)  Added a film look here (FujiColor 400H) with Medium Format grain.


15)  Hanging out waiting for customers


16) Shared an Instax Film Picture


17) Together as one.

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