Iron Men & Brick Women of Chennai

Thanks for dropping by again.  This time, I want to provide some insight into two scences which I pass every day going to lunch and headed home, i.e. The Iron Men and Brick Women of Chennai.

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Iron Men of Chennai

For over 15 years these Iron Men have been forging iron rebar tools for local construction workers, e.g. Metro Subway.  They live on the sidewalks and on the street where jurisdiction gets confusing and without consequence given bureaucracy at work.  Yet they serve the need to keep construction moving along in Chennai.


1)  Here as the coals are stoked by the air fan, the rebar is being heated (sparks flying) ahead of being forged, i.e. pounded and pounded.


2)  Time to pound and forge the steel into the shapes you desire.  Move quickly before it cools.


3) Don’t forget the guy who prepares the coal to precise sizes for the perfect heat.


4)  Around in circles at a slow, steady rate to keep the coals burning hot, real hot.


5)  In the end, steel is forged in the shape desired thru the brute force of a hammer slung by the Iron Men of Chennai.

Brick Women of Chennai

For R450/day from 10a to 5p these women of all ages, mostly old pound bricks with a ball peen hammer weighing `10 oz or less.  Thus to attain the force required to bust the brick into chunks requires a powerful swing.  I continue to witness that women here in India do all the heavy lifting – a strong . The use and performance of concrete made with broken brick as

The use and performance of concrete made with broken brick as coarse aggregate are quite extensive and satisfactory for ordinary concrete here in India.


6)  The number o women pounding away on a particular day varies from 3 to 10 with a total of 40 employed.


6)  Here the truck/lorry has arrived to take the processed bricks away.  Those steel pans sure have taken a beating yet still do the job.


7)  Wondering what I’m doing.  Had to do a lot of talking first to break the ice with their boss ahead of taking pictures.  Plan to stop by with some snacks as a way of saying thanks.


8)  Finishing with a B&W depicting the never-ending process of brick breaking to be done as over the 3 years I’ve witnessed them every day pushing forward for the next load to bust.



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