Scott Kelby WW Photowalk 2016-10-01 in George Town, Chennai, India

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography!

(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).

Please enjoy the following images and the story told from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).

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Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk – 2016 Facebook Link

It’s been 6 weeks in the planning, walked once to ensure safety, fun, photographic opportunities, fun… and it was deemed a “Go”.  Today was the day.  The photowalkers staggered in for the 6:00am start with eyes full-open for the adventure ahead.   Now I need to work these images and more for my one global submission by 10/10.

Please provide your feedback on which image I should submit for the global competition.

Just a word of thanks to the Scott Kelby organization who pulled this global event off with ~22,000 photowalkers across ~1,200 global event sites. Cool.  Also, a special thanks to “RK” for help me organize and walk the route ahead of 10/1.  Went smooth.

Our Photowalk Route, 2.42km in George Town


Notice the wavy blue walking line – why? Had to avoid puddles, streams … of standing water from the night’s downpour.

Photowalk Image Gallery


1)  Over the last 2 months, I’ve been providing Fujifilm Mini-Instax Prints to those who may have never touched a print of themselves.  My small way to say thanks.  Here I left ahead of the full film exposure as I want him to enjoy the experience alone.


2)  Finally found some light rays in this alleyway as these three gentlemen were preparing to weld a store sign frame.  Safe work practices – maybe.


3) I surprised this young man with a shot as he was in the wash mode in scrubbing his body for his morning bath.  Later as you will see, we laughed.


4) Again I provided this gentleman an Instax Print of this image in color as I’ve rendered it a Monochrome – Coffee Look.


5) As we approached this Rickshaw, the driver immediately stood next to his rickshaw wanting us to take his picture.  He’s very proud of his “Ride”.  Wonder how much the fare is?


6)  With less than 2,000 Rickshaws left in Chennai, here we see parked amongst the “Autos” a lone “Rickshaw”, i.e. still a popular mode of transportation as witnessed this morning.


7)  What would a Chennai Photowalk be without a few Cows crossing our path on their morning walkabout.  Gentle creatures, fearless of traffic – straight ahead they plow.


8)  We Laughed 🙂

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