Chennai Photowalk 2016-09-25

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography!

(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).

Please enjoy the following 11 Images and the story told from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).

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Photowalk Route, 3.72km


Photowalk Image Gallery


1) I really like this fun image from inside an “Auto” rickshaw.  Used an 8mm fisheye and poked my camera inside for the shot.


2) A shot looking into St. Theresa of Avila Parish Church in Nungambakkam, Chennai established in 1912.  I love the colored light coming in from the stain glass window, RH side shining on the backs of the three parishioners.


3) “Featured Image” at the top of the post. I jumped ahead of the photowalk group to have a photo shoot around St Theresa Church alone.  I’m glad I did as when the main group showed up, no pictures were allowed, outside or inside.  Hmmm.  Here is the RH side entrance with an 8mm Fisheye.  Distortion retained.


4) Take a tree, start a local temple for prayer and add an Auto Stand for good luck.


5) Shot up into the trees capturing the morning sunlight varying in intensity across the green leaves.  Being Fall, the one season I miss the most from Midwest US, I added a touch of fall colors.


6)  Another shot looking into to St. Teresa Church.  Love the wood grain revealed in the two doors.


7)  This is shot again with an 8mm fisheye lens with the distortion removed.  The RAW file was taken to ON1 Photo10 (soon to be ON1 RAW) with a B&W filter where you can manage different colors, i.e. drop the luminance of the blue sky to get the Ansel Adams Red Filter look.  My favorite image from the photowalk.


8)  Here the morning light lit up the coconuts in the palm tree just right as if a spotlight was used.  May take this to B&W later to capture the tonal range and blue sky potential.


9)  Another Street Portrait, yet this time I had the gentleman sit in his “Ambassador”, an Indian Icon.


10) Trying B&W again with this store front display.  Notice the reflection seen in the top half.


11) Again, B&W with the bright blue sky turned black against this white stucco house.

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