Early Morning Walk – Arulmigu Kapaeeswarar Temple, Mylapore

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(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).

We’ve included 15 images  with a short narrative of each image in sharing our life experiences from South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).   For the first time, I strolled around the inside of Arulmigu Kapaeeswarar Temple as my previous 10+ visits where only  along the outer perimeter as always the crowds were too much.  I’m glad I stopped in this time.

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Photowalk Route – 2.4km


Photowalk Image Gallery – Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple


1) Sunrise above the Temple Tank Mylapore.  Add a starburst flare with the camera stopped down to f/22 plus as an added feature – red lens flare for free.


2)  Inside looking out with an 8mm fisheye lens.


3)  Pictures were allowed yet never for any idol in any temple .


4) I’d like to thank this gentleman for sharing the history behind the temple – very interesting.  At the end, I asked if I could take his portrait, no problem.


5)  Using a film VanDyke Brown look, here is the morning sunrise in Mylapore as seen in the Featured Image.


6) Had an enjoyable conversation with these two gentlemen before I asked to take their portrait.


7)  Using the 8mm fisheye again, it appears these five idols are “dancing”.


8)  The main entrance of the temple in Fujifilm Acros B&W.  A little dodge & burn on the side to guide the fewer from the foreground to the background.


9)  Elephant Fun Time – Smile


10)  The 8mm fisheye lens is back.


11)  The Temple Tower main entrance as seen from the outside, note recently re-painted.


12)  Another temple tank sunrise.


13)  Looking up the Temple Tower, look at the detail.


14)  Temple Portrait in B&W.


15) Looking up at Idols stacked upon each other.

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