500 PX Photowalk at Marina Beach 2016-09-18

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography!

(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).

Please enjoy the following 10 images and the story told from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).

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Photowalk Route at Marina Beach


The meeting point was at the Gandhi statue after that it’s go where you want then meet back 2 hours later at the starting point. Headed to the “Pigeon Covey” – 1000+.

Image Gallery


1) During the morning golden hour, we see an 8mm fisheye look.  See the morning yoga class to the left?


2) Applied a VanDyke Brown look to these two Marina Beach Horse Patrol – Old approach, Effective approach.


3) Shot just as he was waking up, eyes just opening.


4) Again the 8mm fisheye lens with these pigeon covey active on the beach feeding on the fresh bird feed provided by the locals.  Went on for an hour as they flew up and flew back down over and over.


5) Gandhi Statue looking north.  Yes the 8mm fisheye again.


6) Mr Pigeon Patrol at Work – Move with caution as one is threatened to leave.  Public beach – not today.


7) Looking to the sunrise as the pigeons continue to feed.


8)  Teacher and Student boxing lessons.


9)Sunrise over Ghandi


10) State Emblem of India – Four Headed Lion,  symbolizing power, courage, confidence, and pride,

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