Ganesha Immersion at Foreshore Estate Beach 2016-09-11

Welcome back to Big Mountain Photography

(大山摄影  Da Shan Sheying).


Transitioning from a Nikon D810 to Fujifilm XPro-2 Rangefinder Camera with Fujinon Lenses, see Gear/SW Page.

Please enjoy the images and stories they tell from our life and times in South India, i.e. Chennai (Old Madras).
Note: You can right-click to open the image in another tab to view in greater size / resolution, download if you heart desires…  your call.

The Ganesh(a) Festival ends with an immersion into the sea after being worshipped over a period of days at home and/or local temple.  A final pooja (prayer) is perfomred ahead of immersion.

Here, I’ve captured a local temple with a 30′ pineapple Ganesha and the sequence of immersion into the sea at Foreshore Estate Beach in Chennai.

Local Pineapple Ganesha


At a T-Intersection near work, there’s a small, local temple which erected a “Pineapple Ganesha”. I had to stop and take a shot of the morning traffic jam of people on foot, bike, two-wheeler, car, truck… going to work. This image is processed in Fujifilm Velvia film simulation giving the bright rich colors and shot with an 8mm fisheye lens.


“Pineapple Ganesha”. Look at the detail involved in putting this together with the lines of the trunk, the RH broken tusk used to write a book by Ganesha… Well Done. PS Haven’t figured out how the “eye” is made.


Here individual and/or family terra-cotta Ganesha from Monday’s home Pooja sit next to the Pineapple Ganesha waiting for a ride to the sea and immersion.


Sometimes the best image is behind you, just look. Here with my 8mm fisheye, I caught this bus passing as I turned around. Not until I saw the image in LR did I realize the reflection I captured. Cool.

Immersion Photowalk Route


An interesting route I took around the beach and cranes watching trucks arriving with Ganesha immersed. Yes, I got wet to my knees getting the shot.

Ganesha Immersion Sequenced


Thr trucks arrive from all over Chennai’s neighborhood temples and line up for “Ganesha Disembarkment”. Here volunteers assist the temple devotees. If the Ganesha is too large, then the crane is used to lift it up and out to the beach.


Here the Ganesha is off-loaded and carried by 6-8 devotees to the sea’s edge for a final Pooja ahead of immersion.


This hand erected wooden tower for police surveillance as the crowds grow is being used my 5 boys intensely watching the event. What memories are made of.


A VanDyke Brown image showing as the crane drops of its prize, i.e. a huge black and gold Ganesha.


The Purple / Yellow colors pop with Fujifilm’s Velvia film simulation applied. Another Ganesha being off-loaded for immersion.


This larger paper mache Ganesha statue is being whisked thru the air to the edge of the sea.


Here’s one of two cranes used all day to off-load 2,615 Ganesha for immersion, i.e. the local police’s limit for immersion. Again an 8mm fisheye lens. Distortion is just part of the story.


Here a local fisherman’s boat is used to take the Ganesha far out into the sea by three adventurers.


This Velvia Film simulation has lovely colors and detail. My favorite image depicting the final moments before immersion.


Here a temple devotee takes this smaller Ganesha to sea, isn’t he having fun. – all smiles.


Immersion complete as the waves come in to finish the work.


Oh yes, some of these paper mache Ganesha statues fall apart with body parts being used in a joyful way for the Immersion.

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