George Town, Chennai Photowalk 2016-09-04

Great to have you stop by for another photoblog post depicting my times in here in South India with the colors, friendly people and rich culture.

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Me in a Self-Reflection



Please enjoy the images and the story we visualized at the George Town Photowalk.

Note: Be on the lookout for “Bearista Bear” as it’s been known to enjoy photowalks.



Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Printer

Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Printer. I handed out 10 prints on this Photowalk. To smiling faces and wide open eyes.

Chennai’s Most Serious Photographers (CMSP) Google+ Community Photowalk Route


For the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday, October 1st, we decided to follow the exact route in George Town this morning.

We headed north on Malayaperumal Street from the starting point at the corner of NSC Bose Street immediately surrounded by Fruit and Vegetable street vendors.  This was the longest portion of the walk given all the street photography opportunities.

We continued north until Audiappa Naicken St and turned left headed west.  Here the rickshaws (not Autos) were numerous.  At Godown Street, we turned left back to NSC Bose Street – not much activity on this “Textile Street this morning.

Reaching NSC Bose Street again we turned right headed for another right turn on Govindappan Naicken St (Electrical Goods Street) with a quick left turn on Kasi Chetty Street turning left again on Narayana Mudali Street back to NSC Bose Street again.  We now in Sowcarpet, having left George Town.

Now a right turn headed towards South Mint Street where we make our final turn (RH) towards our end point traversing another Fruit and Vegetable Market and a beautiful Jain Temple.  Personal Note for Oct 1st: Should have picked up some onions as they don’t get any fresher.

There are still openings left for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in George Town, Chennai.  Sign-up Here.

Used this opportunity to test our a new Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye II Lens for my Fujifilm XPro-2.  Awesome addition.  Lens distortion corrected here and there but not always.

On a side note, during the photowalk I pointed out a mouse behind the shopkeeper.  He looked and held his hands a foot apart signifying the mother of all rats.  Glad to have missed that fellow.

Street Photography Fisheye Images


Vegetable Vendor under Ganesha


Purple Eggplant Vendor – Friendly Guy.


A Fujifilm Special Film Simulation


The Evil Eye.


All Alone


Talk to my Friend


Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, MGR


Elephant Gate Police Watch Tower – Vacant


Hot Green Pepper Vendor – Great Smile


Time for a lube job, yes really.. See the oil bottle next to his left foot.


All smiles.


Cricket Team looking for a pickup match.


Berry (unknown) Vendor


Neighborhood Shrine



Sorry, this rickshaw is taken.


Lookout – Rickshaw Coming Thru


All-In-One Shopping

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