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Ganesh Chaturthi Festival – Readiness Check at Kosapet

Glad to have you back again as our South India adventure continues.  

Hope you enjoy the images and the story behind.   If you choose (and we wish you will) to keep updated, please “FOLLOW” along.





Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy the images and the story we saw at Kosapet – Ganesha Idols

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Ganesh Chaturthi: A Hindu Festival like no other celebrated each year over 10-days but what is Ganesh Chaturthi and why it is celebrated?  Click Here.

I ventured over to Kosapet in the early morning to observe the final preparation of the Ganesh (Ganesha) Idols for purchasing which will later be immersed in the sea.  I’ll be there at Foreshore Estate Beach where 1000s gather to finalize the festival sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Have a look out for the Bearista Bear who at times has been known to sneak into the photo.

Ganesh Trio
Hand Rinsed Laundry
Locked Door
Bearista Bear Sneak Visit
Rickshaw Driver Open for Business
Ganesh All Lined Up
Take a Break Under the Eyes of Ganesha
Alley-Way Temple
Buy Me, Immerse Me
Open Door
Bearista Bear and his Lady Friends
Saloon and Spa for Ladies
Small Ganesh Lined Up

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