The 1970s Polaroid SX-70 Look

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Today we have an off-topic on Polaroid Photography with that classic, iconic Polaroid look.  The SX-70 Land Camera was truly a fantastic  improvement for instant photos in the days of film, pre-digital.

SX-70 Land Camera – 1972

sx-70 a  sx-70

My Dad had one and as a kid (High School) I experimented and went thru the 10 prints (and flash bars) in lightning speed.  I’m not sure if Dad appreciated my photographic endeavors yet it’s still vivid in my memory of that instant gratification seen in today’s digital age.

Here I’m using a Polaroid Photoshop psd template to pull the image inside the frame and write in a felt-pen font my comments.  The image has a faded look to it.  Absolute fun!


Gallery w/o the Polaroid Color