Photowalk(s) Jun’16

Welcome back.  I’ve been offline since my Macbook Pro experienced a “black screen” eventually resolved with an internal SSD hard drive reformat and reinstall from my Apple’s Time Machine.  Worked slick as a whistle, nothing lost.

I thought I’d share images from recent June photowalks in Chennai (2) and Koblenz, Germany (1 along the Rhine).

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DaShanSheYing-1545Faces of Chennai – Marina BeachDaShanSheYing-1537 Red Flower: From a Cannonball TreeDaShanSheYing-1547Marina Beach – CruisingDaShanSheYing-1552Wall Art – Multiple posters over the yearsDaShanSheYing-1551IR B&W Portrait


DaShanSheYing-1542 IR Monochrome: Bicycle at rest.DaShanSheYing-1544 IR B&W along the Rhine River in KoblenzDaShanSheYing-1540 IR Faux Color along the Rhine River.  Look at the height of this evergreen.
DaShanSheYing-1541Home of Leica Camera in Wetzlar, Germany


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