Adyar Eco Park, Chennai – Photocrawl

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my photoblog where I share not only my images but the story behind the camera.

You’ve heard of a Photowalk, but what’s a Photocrawl?  We associate a Photowalk with a group of people (5-20) covering a 3-5 kilometer route shooting urban scenes, country back roads, street portraits, landscapes, … lasting around 2-2.5 hours.

A Photocrawl is when you shoot in the Macro Photography genre, i.e. bugs, flowers and tiny things at a 1:1 scale to a full frame sensor size. This genre forces one to deliberately slow down to observe the environment at your feet across across a 10-30 meter radius.  Many insects, spiders, … are camouflaged by nature and hard to find without an experienced, trained eye.  Today’s Hint: Look for Green Leaves having non-uniformity, discolor as an indication of bug activity.

The Photocrawl often matches that of a Photowalk for time given you slowly scout the insect world around you.  At times you’re at a crawl (going slow) and at times in a literal sense you really do crawl on the ground for the shot.

Ten (10) members from the Photographic Society of Madras  held a Photocrawl at the Tholkappia Poonga or Adyar Eco Park recently.  Here are a few images for your review.

Image 1 – Red Bug w/15mm Wide AngleDaShanSheYing-1508

Image 2 – Flowering Milk Weed w/100mmDaShanSheYing-1502

Image 3 – Spider Having Dinner w/100mmDaShanSheYing-1505

Image 4 – Dragonfly Hanging Out w/100mmDaShanSheYing-1509Image 5 – Red Spider Eating w/100mmDaShanSheYing-1510


Note: The light shown in the featured image is a Zebralight H52Fw AA Floody Headlamp Neutral White which works well for Macro backlight and/or sidelight.


PS Don’t forget the PSM Confluence Photo Exhibit from 5/31 to 6/2 11:00am to 7:00pm. Please stop by and enjoy professional photographers sharing their images for your viewing pleasure.


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