Focusing on the Vital Few

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First and foremost, thank you for visiting my photoblog where I share my images for your viewing pleasure along with background information on the image.

Previously I mentioned how I increased my overall breadth of knowledge across a wide spectrum of photography (gear, composition, image processing…) followed by targeting the “Vital Few” photographers to increase my depth of knowledge.

1st: Blake Rudis 
(f.64 Academy, PS, Topaz, On1, DZS/CZS)
2nd: Anthony Morganti
(LR, PS, Topaz, On1)
3rd: Matt Kloskowski
(LR, PS, On1)

I’ve used a simplistic photoshop technique to Recover Detail After a Filter is Applied. After a filter (Topaz, …) is added to a duplicate layer of the Background image in Photoshop, then a layer mask is added with a brush used to recover desired details to taste.  Yes, simple yet the featured image for this post shows the possibilities of adding detail back for the windows, doors and signs while retaining the Georgia O’Keefe painted look in the image.

Image 1 – No Filter Applied
Image 2 – Filter Applied and Face Detail Recovered


Here’s a video explanation of the “Recovering Details Back-in After Using a Filter, e.g. Topaz Impression” within Photoshop by Blake Rudis