Blake Rudis’ Digital & Color Zone Systems

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I’ve been busy of late expanding my knowledge and skill set around Adam Ansel’s Zone System for B&W and Color images.  Here’s a short primer for an explanation ahead of showing my images.

The Zone System is a photographic technique for determining optimal film exposure and development, formulated by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer. It was a quantifiable way to measure light data in an image.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.45.19 PM

Now jump forward to the era of digital cameras and the application of the Zone System using Photoshop techniques.

downloadI’ve been lucky enough to find an excellent Zone System teacher in Blake Rudis and his f.64 Academy video course using Photoshop actions in the creation of  layer masks (10) with curves adjustments. Blake has created Photoshop Actions taking the labor out leaving you to make the curve adjustments to taste.

If you move forward to investigate Blake’s Zone System with an interest to purchase, he’s provided this coupon for 15% off over the next two weeks.
Use this coupon code: Dashan Sheying

Go for it and take you image processing to the next level.

The 10 Zones from Ansel Adams are aligned against the 0-255 grayscale and “stops” of light as we’ve been taught.

zone-system zone1Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 7.57.26 PM

Note:  The Digital Zone System is very different from Luminosity Masks.

Yes they are similar in nature, but different in application.  They both do similar things in essence.  However, the Zone Systems are a much better editing technique.

The Digital/Color Zone system is a selection method which is very different than with Luminosity Masking.  The act of subtracting to create zones is entirely different than the selection of a Zone.  There are also certain fail safes incorporated into the Zone Systems that traditional luminosity masks fail to incorporate by the way they make the selection.

Additionally, I realized that I’ve been leaving on the table in taking my processing to the best image possible by not using Dodge (lighten) and Burn (darken) techniques.  This is now a targeted technique to master.

Here’s a video visualizing what I’ve mentioned above:

Blake Rudis’ Zone System Video – Click Me  Blake’s explanation of the What and How provides the clarity from my attempt above.

Now onto my weekend images at

  1. Tada Falls in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, 3 hours north of Chennai
  2. Kolavai Lake, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India SW 1 hour from Chennai
  3. Traveling back from Yellagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
  4. Kolavai Lake, Paranur, Tamil Nadu, India

As always your comments are welcomed.

Black and White Gallery

DaShanSheYing-1456 DaShanSheYing-1474DaShanSheYing-1465 DaShanSheYing-1462 DaShanSheYing-1450DaShanSheYing-1453

Color Gallery (IR/Non-IR)

DaShanSheYing-1464 DaShanSheYing-1460DaShanSheYing-1454 DaShanSheYing-1473DaShanSheYing-1468 DaShanSheYing-1467

For this last image, I usedUTopaz Impressions and Blake’s Oil Painting preset – sweet.  Blake was first a painter before a photographer, it shows in his photography.


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