Scott Kelby’s “The Grid” – Blind Critique

Throwing Myself Out There

This Wednesday 5/4 I submitted some of my “Faces of Chennai” street portraits (5) on a whim for a blind critique by Kristina Sherk on Scott Kelby’s – “The Grid” set for Thursday 5/5.  Scott is better known as Mr. Photoshop with Photoshop World 2016 coming this July to Las Vegas.

Woah Oh Oh Oh – Cool

I got accepted for a critique and was a little nervous to watch yet “feedback is a gift” to embrace – good or bad.

Catch my critique at “1:08:52” towards the end of the video:


Personal takeaways:

– Consider B&W if there’s a color issue which is difficult to correct. (I’ll take the suggestion by Kristina to re-try in PS).

– Checkout Kristina’s re-touching lessons.

– Watch over softening and focus.

– Look to apply “the dodge” in balancing light on a subject’s face.

– Don’t forget to re-touch even if you’re planning a Topaz Impressions effect.

– I didn’t hit a home run but got on base with a walk. Having fun.

To Scott and Kristina – Thank you for your insights and suggestions.

PS. I didn’t catch the fact that a professional “Re-Toucher” such as Kristina could potential critique my images.  But on whim, that’s what you do – go for it.

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