Confluence 2016 Photo Exhibition – 5/30-6/6

Dear Viewers,

As you may be aware from previous posts, I’m a member of Photographic Society of Madras, PSM in Chennai, India.  I really enjoy the camaraderie, learning workshops, new photography genres (Macro)… offered by PSM.  A great bunch of guys and gals to associate with.

I’m very please to announce that five photos have been selected for the annual PSM members 2016 photo exhibition.  This is a very humbling honor to have been selected for the exhibition as the professionalism and competency of my peers is well-known.

First, I owe a big thank you to my wife for having the patience with my photography deep dives and the tolerance to be woken up at 5:50am every other Sunday for Chennai photowalk (see Facebook group).

Second, to my experience in The Acranum and Les Saucier as my Master for his patient teaching which over the last 8 months has leveled me up in photography.

“Confluence 2016”

May 30th thru June 6th at the

Lalilt Kala Academy on Greams Road in Chennai

from 11am – 7pm each day.

I’d appreciate those in Chennai marking their calendars and take time to visit the photo exhibition.  Given PSM has many talented photographers from all the genres,  you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Here are my chosen five images to be printed 12″ by 18″ (or 5400 x 3587 pixels):

A Black&White Infrared image of hard-working women planting rice north of Chennai.

Back-Breaking Work_StuartKinkade_01

Faux Color Infrared image of a Chennai temple tank with the ideal IR recipe: Green foliage to reflect IR, blue skies, white wispy clouds, water and reflections.

Reflections in IR_StuartKinkade_02

A Chennai photowalk street portrait from my “Faces of Chennai” collection – Grandma.

Faces of Chennai_StuartKinkade_04

A second Chennai photowalk street portrait from my “Faces of Chennai” collection – Grandpa.

Faces of Chennai_StuartKinkade_03

A misty morning landscape image from my visit to a Tamil Nadu Bird Sanctuary.

Misty Morning_StuartKinkade_05



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