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Salalah, Oman Part II

Salalah is world-famous for one tree, the Frankincense Tree having an aromatic resin sap used in incense, perfume…  I tried frankincense at home by placing a 1/4″ piece atop a burning charcoal briquette which then melts the resin sending out a plume of smoke filling the house.  Scent was good, smoke was too much.  Need to back off on the size.

The resin in comes in various colors, purples, yellows, browns … with varying aromas.


Frankincense Tree at the Salalah Frankincense History Museum.


First image with my new Laowa 15mm F/4 Macro lens – a fully manual lens.


Rugged Oman coastline

DaShanSheYing-1413 DaShanSheYing-1418


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