Golden Triangle – Day in Agra, Uttar Pradesh Part I Infrared Color / Black and White

The Taj Mahal – A fantastic place – a must see.  In fact, yesterday Prince Wm and Princess Kate had a 50 minute visit cut short by the 46C / 114F heat.

Princess Diana 1992, courtesy Getty Images


Prince Wm and Princess 2016, Courtesy TOI Agra Edition


Thought I’d share first some Infrared Images shot at 720nm with a converted D300S camera.  The cloud structures are fabulous along with terrific reflections off the ponds.

First here are some Faux (False) Colored images:

Second here are some new and repeat in Black and White (Monochrome):

I have a lot of images to process from yesterday and today so hang in there as it takes 5-15 minutes to do each one.