Faces of Koyembedu Market

My 2 year genre of “Faces of Chennai” continues at the Koyembedu Market.  The Photographic Society of Madras (PSM) founded in 1857 had its monthly photowalk at this government run wholesale flower, vegetable and fruit market. The market is continuously busy.  Previously I visited at a 6am photowalk and found the market very busy with continuous movement of goods and retailer/wholesaler price negotiations.  This time at 4pm, it still a very active in the wholesaler stalls.

Koyembedu Market is full of wonderful colors, friendly people and great prices over the retailers.  Pay a visit.

DaShanSheYing-1071 DaShanSheYing-1062 DaShanSheYing-1070 DaShanSheYing-1061DaShanSheYing-1064


6 thoughts on “Faces of Koyembedu Market

  1. Stuart,
    These look like National Geographic pictures. Very pro. Never knew you we we so accomplished a photographer. Really enjoy.

    • As they say down South, sometimes a blind hog finds an oak acron once or awhile. Actually, I’ve rekindled my interest in photography by learning and practicing next levels. Street Portraits appears to be my first forte. Hmmm go figure.

  2. Excellent images of Koyambedu. The second one owns a mobile fruit shop and is known to me as I am a regular visitor.

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