Triptych – What the Heck Is It?

What Is It?

A Triptych (pronounced Trip’tik – did you get it right the first time) is as one would think involves three of something.  In photography (and painting) it’s often referred by as three-panel wall art.  There are no stead fast rules as it’s art.

The Triptych is preceded by a Diptych and followed by a Quadtych, Polyptych which leads to what we know as a Collage.

Two of Many Paths to Take

1) Use a single-image split into three panels image in portrait or landscape position with framing, shadows… added for desired effects.



2) Take three similar / closely associated images into a single three-panel image in portrait or landscape orientation with effects added to taste.



At this moment, I like the single image Triptych best.