Funky IR Photography

On my way into and back from work, the morning/evening light provides those special opportunities for capturing the light just so.  Sitting in the backseat with the window down, I’m taking photos along the way on what I call a PhotoDrive, not PhotoWalk.

Here are some more faux color IR images from the “backseat” as I forge ahead into the land of IR.  Next IR in Monochrome.

Roadside Food Stop


Bus Stop with bench repair.  Note: How a person who dyes their hair now has colored hair in IR.


Gateway Arches and a Statue.


Chennai’s “Speaker’s Corner”


…Seamstress for the Band – EJ

“Faces of Chennai” 

It’s my pleasure and honor to have such photographer-friendly everyday people in Chennai for my Street Portraits.  Can’t think of another country where smiles are so easy to come by.  நன்றி Chennai


I’m still trying this Peter Hurley like-headshot with the top 1/3 of the hairline cutoff – thoughts?  Let me know if it works for you the “Viewer”.