Two Issues w/Infrared Photography

As I journey down the IR path, I often stop to read IR posts on G+, YouTube videos,… to understand what I’ve gotten myself into with IR.  Loving it.

However, I’ve been forewarned on multiple issues.  Here are two I’ve come across:

  1. People: You never know what the person will look like with IR given skin tones, complexity, eyes, texture, thin/thick skin (see veins)…  Here this gentlemen turned out with the “Plastic” look.  However, I’ve had several smooth skin tones from IR.  I’d say it’s a 50-50 crap shoot. DaShanSheYing-1024
  2.  Lens Flare: Although true for any lens/camera, it appears IR is more sensitive in my opinion given images to date.  Of course shooting into the sun and/or not using your lens hood, you take on the risk.  Sometimes lens flare is a good thing.  Haven’t decided if the flare here adds or distracts from the image. (I lost my lens hood for this shot, now found)DaShanSheYing-1023