Xi’an – CityScapes in IR

Regrettably, I haven’t found the time to get out and shoot here in Xi’an as I had hoped.  Since I’ve been away for a year,  the “To Do” list is long – almost done.  Back to Chennai on Friday.

Did take these two images from the 21st floor of a very nice apartment complex in SE Xi’an.  You can see the mountains to the South (2nd photo at sunset) and the East (1st photo).

I did pick up an Apple iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.  I’ll be using an app called AstroPad to do my image processing in LR/PS, NIK SW,…  Should be interesting.

DaShanSheYing-982 DaShanSheYing-983

5 thoughts on “Xi’an – CityScapes in IR

  1. Hello Stuart, Enjoy the posting. Let us know how the Apple pad & pencil work out -Aubrey

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