Xi’an, China 中国 陕西省 西安

Now in Xi’an China for Chinese New Year.  Tonight is News Year Eve with the roar for your ears, smoke for your eyes and smell for your nose of fireworks (crackers) everywhere from 9p to 8a.  Hope to get some good shots.

From Hong Kong to Xi’an, had my D300S in the plane ready for a few IR shots. I’m still learning the WB conversion in Nikon Capture NX-D, Photoshop Channel Mixer/H-S and selective control point adjustments with NIK Viveza for faux colors.

Happy New Year  xīn nián kuài lè  新年快乐




3 thoughts on “Xi’an, China 中国 陕西省 西安

  1. Hello Stuart San Good morning Enjoy the newyear with a feast to eyes and ears and nose and mouth

    We call this day as THAI AMAVASYA an important day to remember our ancestors who have given us this body and soul to see the world

    THAI >>10 th month in tamil calendar AMAVASYA >> new moon day

    Have a great holiday with family and friends

    R. Ashok & A Uma

    Sent from my iPad


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