Macro for Fun

Little green spiders, yellow tree sap, camouflage spiders, … the land of “Macro”.  I enjoyed the Macro Walk today yet need more hours in the field to refine my skills, in particular manual focus at the minimum focus distance (30mm).  Trying a crossed-arm position to hold the camera steady while leaning back and forth for the focus given… Read More Macro for Fun

Xi’an Tidbits

Cigarettes 烟 Yān and Liquor 酒 Jiǔ – This is the most popular neon sign in China advertising Yan and Jiu. Beijing Duck – The Best Dish in Town Small Cars – There is a never-ending array of small vehicles. Finally, the flight back to Chennai, India

Faces of Xi’an

I’ve now expanded my “Faces of Chennai” to “Faces of Xi’an”.  All but two images are candid, i.e. no permission asked.  Out again today for more walk-abouts in Xi’an. Can you tell which were taken with my near-infrared converted camera?