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MonthFebruary 2016

“Faces of Chennai” Returns

Another Chennai Sunday Photowalk for more “Faces” using the Peter Hurley “Headshot”, i.e. cut off  the top 1/3 of the hairline.  Still absorbing the difference.

DaShanSheYing-1021 DaShanSheYing-1020 DaShanSheYing-1019 DaShanSheYing-1018 DaShanSheYing-1017 DaShanSheYing-1016 DaShanSheYing-1015

IR Photography – Cont’d

Using a 720nm near-infrared filter allows a touch of faux color yet more dramatic, high contrast potential with B&W.  Still experimenting on what works and what doesn’t.

You as the viewer are more than welcome to provide feedback on what works for you.

DaShanSheYing-999 DaShanSheYing-1000 DaShanSheYing-1005 DaShanSheYing-1006


Macro for Fun

Little green spiders, yellow tree sap, camouflage spiders, … the land of “Macro”.  I enjoyed the Macro Walk today yet need more hours in the field to refine my skills, in particular manual focus at the minimum focus distance (30mm).  Trying a crossed-arm position to hold the camera steady while leaning back and forth for the focus given the very shallow depth of field.

Spider Eating Spider
Spider Eating Spider
Green Spider
Green Spider
Sap Cooled Down
Sap Cooled Down
Sap Golden Brown
Sap Golden Brown

Xi’an Tidbits

Cigarettes 烟 Yān and Liquor 酒 Jiǔ – This is the most popular neon sign in China advertising Yan and Jiu.


Beijing Duck – The Best Dish in Town


Small Cars – There is a never-ending array of small vehicles.


Finally, the flight back to Chennai, India


Xi’an – CityScapes in IR

Regrettably, I haven’t found the time to get out and shoot here in Xi’an as I had hoped.  Since I’ve been away for a year,  the “To Do” list is long – almost done.  Back to Chennai on Friday.

Did take these two images from the 21st floor of a very nice apartment complex in SE Xi’an.  You can see the mountains to the South (2nd photo at sunset) and the East (1st photo).

I did pick up an Apple iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.  I’ll be using an app called AstroPad to do my image processing in LR/PS, NIK SW,…  Should be interesting.

DaShanSheYing-982 DaShanSheYing-983

Xi’an City Wall 西安城墙 – 14th Century

Made it to the City Wall (Fortifications of Xi’an) yesterday with the emergence of the sun, i.e. warmth.  At 13.8km around, it’s a wonderful peaceful walk.  We entered the West Gate (xi men) and exited the South Gate (nan men) with the goal to make it all around next time.

At 12 meters high, the view walking the wall either looking to the horizon, inside, outside and/or down are just a “big” feeling.  Will head back if time allows this trip.

Muslim Street 穆斯林街 – Xi’an, China

Visited the Muslim Street (Quarters) yesterday and never again during a Chinese Holiday as it was full of Chinese tourists, i.e. packed in like a can of sardines.  We didn’t see too many Laowai (foreigners like me).  We did log in another 16,500 step day against the standard target of 10,000 steps/day – great.

My personal challenge for the day was the use of a 100mm prime lense as all too often I was up against people unable to move in or out for the shot.  See the featured image and the Bell Tower.

The Muslim Quarter and Bell Tower in the center of town will be a repeat for next week as the tourists get out of Dodge (US saying).   Today it’s a long walk around the 13.8 km long City Wall.  Will stay late for the night time colored light displays.

Not What Emperor Qin Had in Mind for His Army of Terrcotta Soldiers

I’m enjoying street photography again in Xi’an at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.  Later today we head for Muslim Street, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and the City Wall.  I’ve been told only one lens at a time – hmmm which one should I take?

DaShanSheYing-962 DaShanSheYing-961DaShanSheYing-960




What are We Doing?

Hanging out at Xi’an’s Big Wild Goose Pagoda taking IR images.  Need more sun.




Faces of Xi’an

I’ve now expanded my “Faces of Chennai” to “Faces of Xi’an”.  All but two images are candid, i.e. no permission asked.  Out again today for more walk-abouts in Xi’an.

Can you tell which were taken with my near-infrared converted camera?

First “Face(s) of China”











This gentlemen was resting at the DaXingShan Temple yesterday and by habit I gave him my head bobble (used in Chennai during photowalks to get the okay to photograph).  He looked at this strange Laowai (foreigner) and was okay with a photo.  Need a different introduction in China for street portraits.

Today is Chu Er – 2nd Day of CNY which dictates a gathering of the family for a great meal.  We’re headed for a great local Hot Pot restaurant at noon (

Chu Yi – 1st Day of Chinese New Year: Time to Visit Your Local Temple

Every year on Chu Yi, we visit our local temple – Da Xing Shan where we are amongst 1000s of worshipers.  As usual, fireworks never cease at the front gate as seen in this series of stills.  Very loud as intended to keep the xiao ren (devils) away and keep your luck for the year.

Xi’an, China 中国 陕西省 西安

Now in Xi’an China for Chinese New Year.  Tonight is News Year Eve with the roar for your ears, smoke for your eyes and smell for your nose of fireworks (crackers) everywhere from 9p to 8a.  Hope to get some good shots.

From Hong Kong to Xi’an, had my D300S in the plane ready for a few IR shots. I’m still learning the WB conversion in Nikon Capture NX-D, Photoshop Channel Mixer/H-S and selective control point adjustments with NIK Viveza for faux colors.

Happy New Year  xīn nián kuài lè  新年快乐




Faces of India and a Cow

You may wonder why I opened this post with a B&W infrared image of a cow  crossing the bridge as the featured image.

I chuckled when I saw this cow as the only living thing using the pedestrian walk(s) along the side of the bridge in either direction.  What the heck??

All other 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled, 4-wheeled, 4+wheeled, two-legged, 4 legged… travelers were using the roadway to cross the bridge – hmmm.

Only the cow got it right.

Enjoy these Faces of India (Andhra Pradesh north of Chennai).

An Offering of Hindu Faith

If I understand this Hindu ritual correctly, one must offer the loss of their hair by shaving at the temple 5 times in a lifetime.  Most start as children around 1 years old reaching their 5th offering by 5-6 years old.  Others later in life make this personal offering on a religious, voluntary basis.

On this day multiple families were making this offering of faith with everyone  shaved.

I haven’t seen a straight blade razor in active use in years.  These “Barbers” are truly talented as rarely is there any accident.  Secret – keeping the blade razor-sharp avoids issues.

DaShanSheYing-918 DaShanSheYing-917

Here’s Mud in Your Face

He had the throttle full open as the tractor’s wheels kicked up mud in all directions.  No part of the man nor tractor was safe from mud slinging.  Sounds political in nature, not.



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