Nikon D300S Infrared Converted Camera – 1st Image


Out of camera the IR image is fairly bright red in color as one would assume given it’s IR at 720nm.  This above image is after I applied an Adobe DNG (RAW) file profile change in Lightroom to extend the range of the white balance temperature slider.


Next, the image is taken to Photoshop where a Channel Swap is performed, i.e. Red and Blue channels exchanged.  Have a photoshop “action” already setup to make it happen automatically. I could have stopped here with Faux (False) colors yet took it to B&W.

The featured image is now the B&W conversion processed in NIK Silver Efex Pro, love the high contrast and detail.  Many more to process yet thought I’d stop and share.

Yes this is the second to last step in getting a rice paddy ready for planting the seedlings, i.e. cultivating the mud.  Look at those add-on metal frames over the wheels for traction.

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